Accountable Care Organizations: The Trend Setter
May 20th, 2014
With accountable care organizations (ACOs) beginning to investigate the alliance web and data mining, early trend setters are finding that there might be more than one “correct” way to operate. The largest concern is the challenges associated with timely information, specifically with costs and health status of their representative groups. What needs to occur in order to alleviate this issue is the integration of data mining services through integration system that will assist with real-time monitoring and coordination of care.

By adopting these integration systems, ACOs can begin to utilize information gained as part of their continued managed care contracts. Additionally, a patient benefit emerges with real-time coordination when patients receive the necessary treatment in a timely manner. An ACO succeeds in two ways: high quality care administered to patients and savings achieved through spending health care monies more efficiently.

Medical Management operates as compliance and auditing advisor for organizations on behalf of their ACO payments. We assist in determining the ACO outcomes.
Companies Add Wellness Plans to Employee Benefits
Latest trends and ideas showcase how important wellness, fitness, and nutrition are to many. With devices that sync to your cell phones to track calories burned, heart rate, and everything in between, companies are turning to wellness plans to provide an additional benefit to their employee benefit package. Some wellness plans include incentives for eating healthy, working out, fruit within the office break room, and even catered lunches for the staff.

What companies need to realize is that nutrition and eating healthy is the key to preventive health for almost anyone. Changing habits to include healthy eating and exercise with not only increase productivity within the workplace, but also reduce medical costs for both the employee and the company.

In order to achieve this goal, companies need to focus and realize the importance of nutrition as a major initiative within their employee benefits package. Companies cannot rely on the annual fitness challenge or the sporadic panel, but rather grab hold of nutrition as a forefront need to reduce medical costs.

For further reading on bundled payments, read the article posted in HealthCare Finance News.
Will Companies Transition to Private Options?
May 6th, 2014
With the launch of the private health insurance exchanges in response to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, companies are expressing their uncertainty of adding these options to their benefits. Employees consider company-sponsored benefits assets as part of their compensation package. 

Although the option exists for companies to transition their employee benefits program to the public exchange, many seem hesitant due to the uncertainty and newness. It will be interesting to see how the changes from the Affordable Care Act affect employee benefits.

Medical Management can guide your company through these complex decisions and changes; we always keep your best interests in mind. 
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