In the past 4 years, we have seen our employee base grow to over 100 employees. Medical Management Benefits has given us valuable employee benefit advice concerning managing our rising health care costs. We have saved every year in premium increases because of the recommendations implemented by our broker. Medical Management Benefits has outperformed all our previous agencies in customer service, support, and advice. We would recommend Gary and his team to anyone looking for superior advice on employee benefits.
Al Schimpf
S&R Egg Farm
We have 150 employees and have used Medical Management Benefits (Our new name) for over 6 years to manage our employee benefits. We have been extremely satisfied with the level of customer service. They have also accomplished what few other agencies can provide, effective management of our benefit costs. We would recommend Medical Management Benefits for the services that they provide.
Executive Director
Bob Kwech
GI Associates
We use Medical Management Benefits (MMB) exclusively for our employee benefits program. MMB has been our broker for several years and they continually find ways to help us improve our program while maintaining reasonable insurance costs through their effective negotiations with existing carriers to achieve lower renewal rates. We have also found MMB’s customer service to be outstanding. They are attentive to the needs of the company, as well as the employees and their families. We have been extremely satisfied with the services provided by MMB and with the knowledge and expertise of their staff.
Practice Administrator
Cheryl Leissring
Orthopedic Surgeons of Wisconsin
We have used Medical Management Benefits and Gary for over 6 years to manage our employee benefits for our 150 employees. We have been extremely happy with the results that they have accomplished; we have been able to manage our employee benefit costs to a very acceptable level as a result of the recommendations provided by Medical Management Benefits.
KC Frescoln
Richland Medical Center
I look for three things from a health insurance broker; broad knowledge of local coverage and benefit funding options, recommendations based on company priorities not broker compensation, and effective service to the company, employees, and their families. Medical Management Benefits has been top shelf on all three.
Mike Mihlbauer
Anesthesiology Associates
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April 11th, 2014
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