One of the differentiating factors that Medical Management Benefits has over all other brokers and agencies is the way we negotiate for our clients. Our experience in contract negotiations allows us to effectively negotiate with all carriers nationwide.

For the past 10 years, our client retention rate is 98%. This is a direct result of the achievements that we have accomplished through direct negotiations with the carriers or reinsurance carriers. Listed below is an example of what we provide to our self-funded clients on an annual basis.

  • 225 Employees Enrolled

  • Self-Funded

  • Proposed annual increase of 15% on the reinsurance costs, and 6 lasers collective resulting in a total increase of $880,000

Medical Management Benefits negotiations resulted in removing all lasers and decreasing the renewal to a 0% increase without modifying current benefit structure resulting in approximately $880,000 in savings. Few other agencies have the negotiation expertise necessary to aggressively negotiate this type of outcome.


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