Medical Management Benefits Can Protect Your Revenue From The Prescription Drug Affordability Crisis

Exploding prescription drug costs are crippling self-funded plans. If you are one of these corporations struggling with managing these costs, we now have a long-term solution. Medical Management Benefits (MMB) offers an innovative product that potentially reduces your specialty drug costs between 50-70%.

This product may reduce your re-insurance rates, eliminate lasers, and allow you to continue to offer affordable health insurance to your employees.

Specialty Drug Average Monthly Cost Per RX
Humira Pen $11,044
Stelara $24,403
Enbrel $5,589

The above specialty drugs are 3 of the over 300
specialty brands that are crippling corporations.
Not to mention, new specialty drugs are being introduced
at an astounding rate!

Medical Management Benefits is committed to assisting
employers with managing prescription drug affordability as
well as improving the health and well-being of their
members. As an independent health insurance agency, we
provide innovative tools not only to address the
prescription drug crisis but also a wide range of employee
benefit products.


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